Route 208A

CLAPTON POND,  Urswick Road,  HOMERTON High Street,  Kenworthy Rd, Wick Rd, HACKNEY WICK Eastway, Osborne Rd, Wallis Rd, Carpenters Road, STRATFORD Broadway, STRATFORD Maryland Station
Main boarding points
Clapton Pond (stop E)
Hackney Wick (Eastway)
(towards Clapton Pond: stop L, towards Stratford: stop N)
(towards Hackney Wick: The Grove stop R,
towards Maryland: Station stop U)
Route history
The 208A was introduced on 30 April 1941 as the first service to run along Carpenters Road.  Hosted by Dalston garage, it was initially operated by six-wheel single-deckers of the LT class, which were temporarily displaced by the side-engined Q class between 1942 and 1946, then finally replaced by new RF class buses in October 1952.
The route last ran on 13 May 1959, when it was replaced by route 178 using low-height RLH buses.
Full history here.