Route 470/408 run

30 September 2018


Page last updated 29 November 2018

Green RTs returned to the 408 on 30 September 2018. The location is North Street, Guildford, and the white building on the right is the former Horse & Groom, original terminus of the 408 in the days of STLs before the first bus station was build in the town. The pink building is the Guildford Institute, home of an important local history library, and the clock tower is on the old fire station; both these locations also being former bus terminal! RTs 3148 and 4779 had run in from Chelsham, whilst RT3491 worked a short from Epsom.
Photo © Steve Whitelegg
RT4779, RT3148 and RT3491 ran over the 470 and 408 on 30 September 2018.
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