Why there were RFs at Kingston

Kingston 2009 RF Event

Sandown Park 22 March 2009

Report and photo gallery

Welcome to the report and photo gallery for the celebraton to mark 30 years since the last RFs ran in LT service.  Over 2,500 journeys were made by RF on the day, with a few contemporary buses providing additional service.
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The main pages for the event, including route details, are here.
The original main road from Portsmouth to London passes under the main railway line connecting the same cities at Ditton Marsh, near Esher.  This restricted bridge was the main reason why Kingston became known as 'RF territory'.
On 22 March, RF326 runs into Kingston on the 218, the last ever red RF route.
 Photo © Dave Simmons
The event attracted good numbers of both local people and enthusiasts and over 3,500 passengers were carried on 180 journeys.  In Graham Fife's shot, RF503 pulls in at lunch time, followed by RF667.