Routes 208, S2

CLAPTON POND,  Urswick Road, HOMERTON High Street, Kenworthy Rd, Wick Rd, HACKNEY WICK Cadogan Terrace (S 2 via HACKNEY WICK Chapman Road), Jodrell Rd, OLD FORD, Fairfield Rd, BOW, BROMLEY BY BOW Seven Stars
Main boarding points
Clapton Pond (stop E)
Bromley-by-Bow (Bromley High Street stop R)
Route history
The 208 was one of the original single-deck routes operated when London Transport was formed in 1933, known until the following year as the 108D.  The six-wheel single-deckers of the LT class, known as 'Scooters', were largely replaced in 1936 by the side-engined Q class from Dalston garage, supplemented by LTs from Tottenham for a number of years.  RFs were introduced from January 1953.
The route last ran on 17 April 1970, when it was replaced by route S2 using AEC Swift buses.  These were in turn replaced by London's first Leyland Nationals and the experimental Metro-Scanias, one of which famously ended up in Clapton Pond on its first day of operation in 1973.  The S2 still operates, now routed differently in Hackney Wick and extended from Bromley to Stratford.
Full history here.
Postscript: the S2 itself was withdrawn on 5 July 2008, to be replaced by the 488, which more-or-less returns to the Clapton to Bow route of the 208.