Buses operated


Services were operated by former London Transport buses, mostly dating from the 1950s.  All the buses are privately owned, operated and maintained at their owners' expense.


Routes 208, 208A, 236, 715B, 720

RF      single-deckers built 1952/3
TD      single-deckers built 1946-48
SMS   single-deckers built 1969-72
Route 178
RLH    low-height double-deckers built 1951/2
Route 38A  (note: Routemasters operated as 38)
RT      classic double-deckers built 1947-54
RTL    Leyland version of the RT, built 1948-52
RML   the extended Routemaster, built 1961-68
Buses in service included RLH61 (Dalston), the last RLH in service, RF433 (Leyton), a last day bus on the 236 and still without doors, and RT190, one of the first batch of RT3s delivered to Leyton in 1947 for the 38A and other routes.