Route 178

CLAPTON POND,  Urswick Road,  HOMERTON High Street,  Marsh Hill, Lee Conservancy Rd, HACKNEY WICK, Osborne Road (eastbound), White Post Lane, Carpenters Road, STRATFORD Broadway, STRATFORD Maryland Station
The route passes the site of the former Lesney factory in Lee Conservancy Road (home in the 60s and 70s to a fleet of RTs and RTLs).
Main boarding points
Clapton Pond (stop E)
Hackney Wick (Eastway)
(towards Clapton Pond: stop N, towards Stratford: stop Q)
(towards Hackney Wick: The Grove stop R,
towards Maryland: Station stop U)
Route history
The route was introduced on 14 May 1959 when low-height RLH double-deckers from Dalston Garage replaced RF single-deckers on route 208A.  The route was diverted between Homerton High St and Hackney Wick to avoid the low bridge in Kenworthy Rd, soon providing a service to Marsh Hill and Lee Conservancy Road for the first time.
The route last ran on 16 April 1971, which was also the last day of operation of the RLH buses in London.  The route was partly replaced by the new S3; today the part of the route between Stratford and Homerton is covered by the 276.