Still going strongWorcester Park 2008

Route 712

Green Line routes 712 and 713 were always a bit of a mystery south of the river - they both took the same route to London, both went to the same place and shared a timetable.  But one went 'via Park Street' and the other 'via Shenley', neither of which places had any resonance down south.
The original route ran from DORKING, via Epsom, North Cheam, Morden, South Wimbledon, Tooting, Victoria, Golders Green, Radlett, Park Street (712) or Shenley (713), and St Albans to DUNSTABLE, LUTON or WHIPSNADE ZOO.
RF37 heads home to Dorking "via Park Street", at Golders Green on 16 Aug 73.
Photo © Malcolm, London Bus Scene collection


The 712 and the 93 will together provide a service every 10-20 minutes between Morden and North Cheam and every 20-40 minutes between North Cheam and Epsom.  Timetable attached.

Main boarding points

Morden Station stop H, North Cheam stops C and D, Epsom Clock Tower.