Worcester Park Running Day 2008

The 1948 show


As is well shown by Alan Cross's photos, 1948 was a year of amazing diversity in the buses working in London.  Pre-war buses, many now in poor condition, carried on beside the few built in war-time and the first of the post-war fleet that was to sweep them away in a few years.  We were privileged to be able to show so many buses from this period.


200 Q

Side-engined Q83, dating from 1935, ran on route 200, which was Q-operated from 1936 to 1952.

Photo © Dave Heath


Leaning-back STL

Cobham's 1934 STL441 passes through Malden on the 32.

Photo © Bob Lear


Behind you, Peter!

The utility Daimler as one of the special batch of low-bridge buses delivered to Merton for the 127 in 1944-5.

Photo © Derek Jones