Worcester Park 2008

RT2079 approaches Morden StationRoute 118

The 118 still runs between Streatham and Morden, although now starting from Brixton rather than Clapham.  We will be remembering the onward section to Raynes Park discontinued in 1969.
MORDEN STATION, Lower Morden The Beverley, RAYNES PARK Junction Tavern


A limited service will operate on the 118 between Raynes Park and Morden.  Timetable attached.

RT2079 on the 118 turns out of Aberconway Road opposite Morden Station, arriving from Clapham Common, in this 1974 shot.  Brixton's weekend working has led to the use of an intermediate blind from the 109.
Photo © Eamonn Kentell
Main boarding points
Raynes Park Station stop S (note that this is shown as G on the TfL spider diagram), Morden Station stop H.
Route history
Introduced in the late-1930s, the 118 was shared by AK and Merton (AL) garages, with AK's STLs being matched after the war by AL's utility Daimlers.  AK converted the route to RT operation in 1951, but the Ds remained until replaced by RTs in 1953.
Merton's allocation ceased after the route was shortened in 1969 by the conversion of the Raynes Park section to flat fare route M1.  AK was shortly joined by Brixton (BN) and over a four year period from 1972 the RTs were gradually replaced by Routemasters.  One-person operation came in 1985, with the northern destination switching to Brixton in 1990.  The route continues to run from Morden to Brixton, now back at Merton with London General.