Worcester Park Running Day 2008

Green Lines and coaches


Short working to Marble Arch

The Green Line always worked the pick of the buses, but they were not always green.  RF406 prepares to leave Morden for its run back up though Clapham and Stockwell to Marble Arch on the 712.

Photo © John Lidstone


Now this must be post-1963...

In a splendid recreation of the use by Staines of RTs as reliefs on the 725, RT3491 heads for Kingston at Worcester Park.

Photo © Martin Wills


RMC in Merton

The 712 always ran past Merton Garage, but rarely went in.

Photo © Tony Albery



It's work on the 127 over for the day, RLH48 sets out on the long run home via the 725 to Windsor and the 353 to Amersham.

Photo © Steve Guess