The Olympics (as seen from 2006)  

RLHs and RFs travelling Carpenters Road on our 178 and 208A routes will be driving straight through the future site of the Olympic Aquatics Centre (that incident with the Metro-Scania at Clapton Pond comes to mind) and within hailing distance of the main Olympic Stadium site.  Maybe by 2012 the long jump men will be jumping the length of an RF - Bob Beamon’s unbroken 1968 Olympic record falls just a few inches short.  The triple jumpers, however, have already beaten the 18 metres of a bendy-bus.
On the north side of the Olympic Park, RFs on the 236 will be passing the sites of the Olympic Velodrome and the Olympic Village.  Apartments accommodating 16,000 athletes and officials will, post-Games, be transformed into new homes (half of them promised to be "affordable" for local people) contributing to "long-term regeneration of the area".  Just south of the Village will be Stratford City - a new shopping, leisure, shopping and business development (and shops) with Stratford International station at its heart.
Stratford will be the London stop for trains linking continental Europe with towns and cities beyond London.  Paris to Stratford in 2 hours by 2007!  And for 2012, a high capacity ‘Olympic Javelin’ service will whisk spectators from St Pancras to the Games in 7 minutes, just one of 10 rail lines serving the Olympic Park.