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Routes 215 and 215A


18 Sep 76, and RF operation in Kingston still covers five routes - but not for much longer.  The line-up outside Kingston's Guildhall reminds us why Kingston was known as RF territory.  RF489 picks up a good load as it leaves town.

Photo © John Parkin


The 215 ran between Kingston and Guildford until 1939, when the Ripley to Guildford section was transferred to the Country Area as the 415.  The 215A to Downside was introduced after the war, and was the reason that Kingston garage retained TDs until 1962.   Today's 515 runs again between Kingston and Guildford.


Original RF routes

Kingston, Long Ditton, Sandown Park, Esher, Church Cobham, then (215A and later 215) Downside.  Until 1967, the 215 continued from Church Cobham via Wisley to Ripley.



The 215 and 215A will operate between Kingston and Cobham on 22 March, with a few journeys extended to Ripley (215) or Downside (215A).  Timetable.

Saturday RFMain boarding points

Kingston Cromwell Road Bus Station stop A3

Long Ditton Winters Bridge

Esher Sandown Park

Esher High Street


Note that northbound buses from Ripley will serve Cobham Police Station in Portsmouth Road, not Church Cobham.

Route history in detail is here for the 215 and here for the 215A.


Saturday 16 October 1976, and that long hot summer seems to have continued.  Within a week, there will only be a few Saturday RF journeys on the 215 as the Bristols will have taken over.  Here RF505 runs down Anyards Road to the stand in Church Cobham.
Photo © John Parkin