Old KingstonKingston 2009

Route 216


Kingston's north of the river route to Staines, essentially unchanged for the last 75 years and recipient of Kingston Garage's first RFs.  RF operated from July 1959 to September 1976.


This view of RF472 climbing Kingston Bridge in September 1976 shows how Kingston has changed since RFs last worked the 216 - all of the buildings to the left of Bentalls have been replaced by John Lewis with a dual carriageway beneath.

Photo © John Parkin


Original RF route

Kingston, Hampton Court, Hampton Station, Sunbury Village, Sunbury, Ashford Common, Ashford, Ashford Station, Staines.



A limited service will operate between Kingston and Sunbury on 22 March, with one journey extended to Ashford Station.  Timetable.


In addition, a road run from Kingston to Staines will take place in the afternoon.


Sunbury VillageMain boarding points

Kingston Cromwell Road Bus Station stop A3

Hampton Court stops D and E


Route history in detail is here.
Kingston's RF516 negotiates the narrow Church Street in Sunbury Village on a wet day in the last months of RF operation.
Photo Ian Armstrong collection