Kingston 2009 RF Event

Sandown Park 22 March 2009

Photo gallery (1)

Thanks to all the photographers who have taken the trouble to submit photos
for the gallery - at least 30 of you.  Here are some highlights.
Two 201s pass in Ewell Road, Long Ditton for the first time in many a long year. 
RF672 is Kingston-bound and photographed from RF429.  Green RFs worked
from Kingston garage in the early 1960s.
Photo © Peter Larkham
RF406 turns towards Hersham and Walton at Esher High Street.
Photo © Kevin Smith
The road run to Fulwell provided the opportunity to line up four RFs on the famous
forecourt, with the tram track numbers still borne above the doors.  Three of the
four were going home, having worked from Fulwell over the years - including RF354,
which started work there on 9 May 1962, the day after the last London trolleybus
entered the gates.
Photo © Geoff Ragg
RF366 comes through East Molesey on a short-working of the 206.
Photo © Dave Simmons
RF534 waits time at Dorking North Station for the 470 feeder service to Esher.
Photo © Mike Nash
The RF may be timeless, but the MB looks positively modern.  It's hard to remember
it is over 40 years old.  MB90 leaves Esher on the 416.
Photo © Mark James
RF534 in timeless surroundings runs down Portsmouth Road, Surbiton.
Photo © Peter Larkham


RF421 on the 219 to Weybridge passes RF486 laying over on the 206A.
Photo © Graham Smith
On its feeder service over the 406 from Reigate (but displaying 215 blinds), RF429
pauses on the traditional stand in Epsom.
Photo © John Edwards