The former Kingston Bus StationKingston 2009


Unfortunately, the photogenic old Kingston Bus Station is no more.
Here RFs 465, 421 and 392 line up for the camera.
RF421 will run the 216 on 22 March, not the 218.
Photo © Paul Redmond
Thank you again to all the photographers that support our events and contribute pictures to our galleries.  Please keep them coming!
Operations are on public roads.  Please stay safe when taking photographs, keep to the pavements and make sure you do not obstruct any TfL bus operations. 
Send us your pictures, for this site
We will be putting up a gallery of pictures of the event, as we did for Worcester Park (here), Carshalton (here) and Hackney Marshes (here).  We would welcome any good pictures from you. We can’t pay you but if we use your photographs we will credit you and, of course, copyright remains with you. Please e-mail digital images or scanned prints. We will resize them if necessary. If you have prints but no scanner, please contact us at the same e-mail address and we’ll let you know where to send them. We will return the prints if you ask us to.
Staines West also no longer hosts RFsLocations
A selection of places that might be good for photography:

·        Kingston High Street (routes 215/A, 218, 219, 715/A) (Graham B suggests the junction with South Lane as a good place for nearside shots if sunny, but says beware of the woman in the Hermes Hotel at 'banana island', who takes exception to cameras).

·        Kingston Bridge (routes 216, 264) 

·        Dittons Winters Bridge (routes 201, 215/A, 218, 219, 715/A)

·        Esher Church Street (routes 206/A, 218, 219, 416)

·        Hampton Court Vrow Walk (routes 216, 264) and Station (routes 201, 206) 

·        Hersham Green (routes 219, 264) 

·        Sunbury Village (route 216)  

·        Walton Bridge (routes 218, 264) 


If you know the area, you may have other ideas for photo-opportunities. Share them with us here and we will look at adding them to the list.
The other end of the 216 and 218 is also no longer accessible to buses, so the road run to Staines will not visit Staines West Station, where RFs 492 and 381 lay over.
Photo © John Parkin