Kingston 2009 RF Event

Sandown Park 22 March 2009

Photo gallery (2)

Another series of views of the day.  Thanks again to the photographers.
A fine shot of Country RF673 working Green Line route 715A, passing the now-disused
bus layby at Weston Green (formerly used by the 152), just north of the Scilly Isles.
Photo © Russell Baldock
This shot from RF395 (note the handrail extending down though the door opening)
shows that some of the planned connections worked!  Terminating RF326 (about
to depart for Kingston) and RF534 on the 218 are already at Walton The Bear
as RF395 arrives as a 264 from Kingston.
Photo © Ian Smith
'Brand new' RF354 at the Holroyd Road terminus of the 206.
Photo © Colin Grafham

TD95 lays over at the traditioal 215 terminus at Church Cobham.

Photo © Dave Simmons


RTW75 heads in to Esher from the Scilly Isles, recreating route 72 from East Acton

via Hammersmith and the Kingston By-pass, Leyland-operated by RTLs for many years.

Photo © Jimmy Sheng