Spot the survivorKingston 2009



A peaceful moment in Wood Street, Kingston on 5 Oct 78.  26-year old RF516 (originally delivered as RF298 and renumbered in 1956) sits behind one-year old DMS2224 working from Fulwell on the 131 and one of London Country's 1972 Alexander-bodied SMA-class Swifts working the 725.  The SMAs lasted less than 10 years, DMS2224 managed less than 6 with LT but another 12 with other operators.

Photo © John Parkin

Getting there and Where to catch the buses

Static display
The static display in the coach park at Sandown Park will feature a range of RF buses and coaches, plus other types showing the development of London's single-deck buses, both before and after the RF (see also The RF Story).  In addition, the service buses and coaches will return to the coach park at lunch time (approx 1300 to 1400) for a line-up of RFs.
A wide range of stalls selling bus-related items will be located in the Sandown Park coach park.


Refreshments will be available from a catering unit in the coach park.  Toilets are in the grandstand building.

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Status of the services

These services are provided free of charge, at the discretion of the vehicles' crews.  Vehicles are privately owned and the costs of their operation and upkeep are met by the owners.  The services are not part of the London Buses network and Transport for London has no responsibility for them.  Use of bus stops and bus stands is by agreement with TfL on this basis.  Drivers are required to comply with all instructions given by authorised officials of TfL and London Buses on the use of bus stops and bus stands. In the event of any difficulties affecting London bus services, be aware that drivers may be required immediately to vacate bus stops and stands.  Please take care when entering and leaving vehicles.