RF366 with doorsKingston 2009

Route 218


The last route to operate RFs in London, on 30 March 1979.  The 218 was a relative latecomer to the RF class, having to wait until Muswell Hill could double-deck the 212 in January 1960.
The present-day RF366, as seen here, has a long history serving Kingston.  Delivered as RF390 to Norbiton in 1952 for service on the 213, it returned there after first overhaul as RF371, then again in 1961 as RF410.  A brief spell at Kingston in 1962 was followed by a period at Edgware, then its 1965 overhaul saw it return to Kingston as RF375.  It stayed until 1971, returning as RF366 to complete its career there, until withdrawal in 1976.  RF366 will return to serve Kingston on the 218 on 22 March 2009.  If you're confused by the LT system of transferring identities, read more here.
Photo Jim Andress collection
Original RF route

KINGSTON, Dittons Winters Bridge, Sandown Park, Esher, Hersham Barley Mow, Walton, Walton Bridge, Shepperton, Laleham, STAINES.



The service will operate between Kingston and Shepperton Station on 22 March.  Timetable.


In addition, a road run from Sandown Park to Kingston, then Staines to Sandown Park, will take place in the afternoon.


Kingston circa 1963Main boarding points

Kingston Cromwell Road Bus Station stop A3

Long Ditton Winters Bridge

Esher Sandown Park

Esher High Street

Walton Hepworth Way


Route history in detail is here.



RF505 is seen arriving in Kingston in the early 1960s, having just passed the front of Kingston Bus Station (this side of the Granada).  No apologies for using this wonderful period picture again - this bus is now RF429 and will be in service on 22 March 2009.

Photo Peter Gomm collection