Carshalton 2007 Photo Gallery

Leyland magic

Roaring along

RML3 in service on the 77B.  Being a substitute for RTL139, full blinds were not available.

Photo © Terry Wong Min

Busyness at Wallington
RTW467 picks up on the 77B for Mitcham while RT3148 takes a rest from the 403.  Leyland-engined DM2646 behind.
Photo © Matt Wharmby
Leyland history
DM1052 displays the post-1981 intermediate blind for the 154 (Carshalton Beeches, Roundshaw) as it passes Leyland prototype RML3. 
Photo © Tony Price
Into the afternoon sun
RTW467 emphasises its extra width as it passes along Carshalton High Street.
Photo © Roger Ford
Bosky bridge
RML3 crosses Carshalton Ponds.
Photo © Will Watts