Carshalton 2007 Photo Gallery

The single-deck scene


A chance to compare notes

Drivers comparing notes at Mitcham Cricketers.  RF48 is ready to set off to Belmont Station.

Photo © Robert Crowden
Spot the modern feature!
BL49 takes the roundabout at Morden on its way in to Sutton Garage.
Photo © Terry Wong Min
Country Area supreme
Another view of RF600 on the 725, squeezing past Beddington Ponds pursued by RT3148 on the 408.
Photo © Martin Wills
Learning to ride
RF406 arrives at its destination, whilst BL49 on the 80A (or is that the 28 or the 31?) heads towards Walton-on-the-Hill.
Photo © Geoff Ragg
Back and forward
RF489 runs in to Sutton garage as RT2043 heads out to Mitcham and beyond.
Photo © Geoff Ragg
Unusual working
RF406 waits on the stand at Wallington before departing on the special working of the 213 via Stanley Park Road and Carshalton Beeches.  RTs 624 and 604 attract attention behind.
Photo © Tony Price
RF489 runs a short working on the 234A to Purley Fountain and approaches Wallington Station lightly loaded.
Photo © Tony Price