Carshalton 2007 Photo Gallery

Details, details


Returned to the original

The attention to detail in Cobham's restoration of the original front on RML3 is impressive.  Note the use of the upside-down W for the M in the bonnet number, which was used originally.

Photo © Tony Price


Star turn

STL2377 shows the period accuracy of Cobham's specially-produced blinds as it leans to turn at Hackbridge Corner.

Photo © Richard Thomas


Then and now

This interior shot of the STL's upper saloon shows the working pinch-grip half-drop windows.

Photo © Ben Rayner


The beginning of the end for trolleybuses ...

RT190 again, this time a close-up of the 'Buses for Trolleybuses' poster for 4 March 1959, when the 154 and 157 replaced the 654.

Photo © Peter Osborn