Carshalton 2007

Notes on the buses operated - part 3


Four other double deckers ran in service at Carshalton:


STL 2377 was one of two buses provided for the day by Cobham Bus Museum.  The bus was the only pre-war bus in service and was rightly very popular.  It celebrates its 70th year this year, having been delivered to London Transport in November 1937 and allocated to Holloway garage. Although many of the EGO 331-EGO 489 registered batch were painted green for country area use in World War 2, STL 2377 remained red. Final allocation was Hornchurch garage until withdrawal from service in December 1953.


Whilst running over route 77B, the route was known as the 77 when STLs operated from Victoria Gillingham Street garage up to 1953.

Photo © Peter Rogers



The last journey



DM1052 was delivered new in 1975 and first went into service at Brixton Garage, followed by West Ham (where it was driven by its current guardian), Highgate and Stockwell.  After only 7 years' service with LT, it was sold and worked for another 13 years before being purchased for preservation  by Paul Brophy.  It is now operated by Blue Triangle.


Showing the development of the OPO bus format over 30 years, DM1052 is passed by PVL280 on the 151 (does Sutton's use of a former Camberwell bus still with London Central decals suggest the vehicle allocation on route 151 still hasn't settled down?).

Photo © Jimmy Sheng




Showing the changed back end to the B20 model Fleetline