Carshalton 2007 Photo Gallery

RT reprise

Art for art's sake
RT interior - timeless
Photo © Alison Nash
RT3062 in context.  Route 157.  Carshalton Ponds.  Magic.
Photo © Terry Wong Min
RT190 contrasts favourably with the current fare on the 93 in Sutton Garage.
Photo © Tony Peters
Isn't it wonderful?
RT3491 on the 408 approaches the Carshalton Windsor Castle lights.
Photo © Paul Bowery
Chipstead Valley again, after all these years
Roger Stagg's former Streatham-based RT2043 recreated the Sunday service to Chipstead Valley on the 59, seen here at the terminus.
Photo © Roger Stagg
Suburban nostalgia
RT604 arrives at Beddington Plough on its old route, the 403, inbound for Wallington Station.  It could have been 30 years ago.
Photo © Tony Price

RT3871 passing Carshalton Church on the 157.

Photo © Swanswell