Carshalton 2007 Photo Gallery

The time machines

We were particularly pleased that Cobham Bus Museum's STL2377, which celebrates its 70th year this year, could be in service with us.  Admirably crewed by Peter Goodfellow and Graham Smith, the bus was a real credit to the Museum.
A young bus spotter sets out on a lifetime's adventure?
Beautifully captured, the STL crosses Carshalton Ponds on the 77, just as Gillingham Street's STLs did up to 1953.
Photo © Marks Lyons
Reflections of grandeur
The STL heads north over Carshalton Ponds on the 77.
Photo © John King
Those well remembered Surrey Motors colours
PPF492 sets off on a tour from Carshalton Depot.
Photo © Peter Osborn
Short lady, fat lady
RLH48 heads home, to Windsor on the 725 after which it became a 355 to Amersham, followed by RTW467 on its final rounder to Mitcham.
Photo © Terry Wong Min
The oldest and newest buses of the day
STL2377 and DM2646 share the stand at Wallington.
Photo © Lawrence Living
Unmistakably Harrington
PPF492 between tours on the Carshalton Depot forecourt.
Photo © Bob Steel
Meal time!
Kids marvel at the STL at Sutton Green on its way in to Sutton Garage.
Photo © Stephen Bidey
Well done Richard!
The RLH again, seen a few seconds after the picture above, with the pond in the background.
Photo © Paul Bowery
Distinctive rear end
Another rear end view, as STL2377 heads under the Wallington bridge.
Photo © Geoff Ragg
Solitary splendour
A late afternoon shot as STL2377 crosses Carshalton Ponds for the last trip.
Photo © Tim Stephens