Carshalton 2007 Photo Gallery

RT review

Together at last!  RT624 was the last RT in LT service, RT604 the last in London Country service.  On 15 April 2007, they ran in service together, seen here at the day's Wallington terminus of the 154 and 403.
Photo © John King
Red and green
RT3491 on the 408 is chased through Carshalton by RTW467 on the 77B.
Photo © Swanswell
157s in Wallington
RT3062 heads for Sutton Garage (via Rose Hill) whilst RT190 is Croydon-bound, in Wallington.
Photo © Stephen Bidey
Old and new
RT190 on the 157 meets a modern 157 at the tight turn over Carshalton Ponds.

Photo © Martin Wills


Feeder service from Crystal Palace

RT1702 arrives at Crystal Palace for the morning feeder service.

Photo © Tom Corcoran


A Carshalton resident enjoys the buses

Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves as RT3062 heads up Carshalton High Street, and not towards Sutton garage as displayed.

Photo © Steve Whitelegg