Celebrating the 178


Just for a day, Clapton Pond relived the sights and sounds of the 178. 

And they loved it.

RLH23 sets off from Clapton Pond

Photo © John Lidstone


The Clapton Pond stand was not available for lay-over, due to its

continuing use for the 38, but the Timebus RLH was able to pause

in the classic position before setting off for Dalston Garage. 

Compare with Cliff Essex's 1970 shot of RLH66 at the same spot.

RLH23 on the Clapton Pond stand

Photo © Martin Ruthe


The duistinctive back-end of an RLH once again graces Lower
Clapton Road.  RLH48 ran in service on the 178 in 1959 and 1960.
RLH48 loads at Clapton Pond
Photo © Steve Whitelegg


Carpenters Road has hardly changed in 35 years (you just wait...)

RLH23 in Carpenters Road

Photo © Steve Guess


RLH61 crosses the Lea Navigation amid more classic
Hackney Marshes architecture

RLH61 in Carpenters Road

Photo © John Lidstone
Alan Wallwork's picture of RLH48 in the less traditional
surroundings of Stratford
RLH48 in Stratford
Photo © Alan Wallwork
Also at the Lea Tavern, RLH61 heads off towards Maryland Station.
RLH61 at Lea Tavern
Photo © John King