Dressing up


By which we intended to mean that buses displayed proper blinds, running numbers and farecharts.  But our crews took the day very seriously...

Proud operators

Photo by passer by, © Brian Catchpole


RT190 displayed true attention to detail....

RT190 route plate

Photo © Peter Osborn


... and an early post-war restricted blind display.

RT190 turns at Clapton Pond

Photo © Peter Osborn


RLH23 also displayed the correct route stencil on the rear.

RLH23 in demand

Photo © Steve Guess


Even the Council put on a display at Clapton Pond.

Floral display with RT190

Photo © Steve Guess


But RFs never worked the 236 via Newington Green.....

RF433 rear - Newington Green?

Photo © John Lidstone