Special buses


Well, all the buses were special, but it was particularly nice to run three generations of single-deckers, and to celebrate the Country Area contrbution.

RLH, RF and TD at Dalston Garage

Photo © Russell Baldock


Route S2 replaced the 208 in 1970, initially using the same routing along Cadogan Terrace with the wider buses (although we didn't try that this time).  Cobham's SMS is seen at the Bromley terminus.

SMS369 at Bromley

Photo © Russell Baldock


The interior of the SMS recalls the shock to Londoners of the

Bus Reshaping Plan.

Inside SMS369

Photo © Steve Guess


The SMS takes a break in the back streets of Hackney Wick.

SMS rear view

Photo © Steve Guess


As near as you can get to a country scene in Clapton.

My other car is a TD

Photo © Adam Kelleher