The 38 and 38A


One of our trunk routes on the day was the 38A, along its pre-1958 routeing down Pembury Road.  However, as Routemasters never operated the 38A, the RMLs ran as 38, giving rise to the need to inform the travelling public that, no, 'they' weren't bringing them back.


RML2364 graces the stand at Leyton Garage
RML2364 stands at Leyton
Photo © Toby Prescott


RT2043 enters Lower Clapton Road at the Pond.  Whoever thought the back of a bus was ugly?

RT2043 at Clapton Pond

Photo © John Lidstone
RML2394 turns towards Pembury Road for a short working to Hackney Central Station (known to LT for many years as Hackney Station).
RML2394 at Clapton Pond
Photo © John Lidstone
RTL139 worked hard throughout the day, rarely finding time for a breather.  Having terminated at Leyton Green, the driver looks as if he's about to make an announcement.
RTL139 lays over at Leyton Green
Photo © Gauvin Lewis
2043 again, heading for Mildmay Park.
RT2043 from upstairs

Photo © Steve Way


Information and explanations are given to the public whilst RT190 waits to depart from Clapton Pond for Mildmay Park.

RT190 at Clapton Pond

Photo © Adam Kelleher


Then RT190 leans characteristically as she turns towards Pembury Road.

RT190 leans into Downs Road

Photo © Martin Ruthe