RFs galore


This is, after all, a site about RFs.  And we were proud to be able to run no less than 7 red RFs plus two Green Lines on the day.


Just seven of the nine are shown before the run out.

RF lineup at WA

Photo © Peter Osborn


RF433, one of the buses in service on the last day of crew operation of the 236 exactly 35 years ago, was sold out of service thereafter and was never fitted with doors.  The 236 also serves Leyton Orient football ground and county cricket at Leyton, as the slipboards on the Wealdstone vehicles informed us.  After lunch, the bus showed a barely-discernable list to starboard.

RF433, a real 236

Photo © John Lidstone
The other Wealdstone RF, RF453, served at Leyton only briefly, in 1961.  Here, back after only 45 years, she loads for the journey to Mildmay Park.
RF453 loads up at Leyton
Photo © Ian Smith
RF457 sets off from Clapton Pond on a garage working of the 208.  In the old days, such journeys were rarely passenger-carrying in practice, even if the workings were on the fare chart.
One of those rare garage journeys on the 208
Photo © John Lidstone


Buses ran along Cadogan Terrace for the first time in 36 years; parked cars and traffic calming meant the ride was perhaps a little too exciting for some.

Setting down in Cadogan Terrace

Photo © Steve Way


RF491 has been upgraded to modern PSV status, but this is not obvious from the front. 

RF491 at Clapton Pond

Photo © Martin Ruthe