Colindale Running Day

Buses in service - Routemasters

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RM140 in original condition was a very welcome visitor to the event, not having been in public service for many years.  One of several Routemasters at the event with AEC engines, it was very tempting to operate the bus on route 140 as HD140.  In practice, its runs in service were limited to route 240.

Photo © Peter Legg

RM158, another AEC-engined bus, is seen running the 240 to Edgware and has just passed under the bridge at Mill Hill Broadway that was a barrier to double-deckers before the road was lowered.

Photo © Mark Lyons

RML900, working the full 240 route from Edgware to Golders Green, picks up in Mill Hill Broadway.  This bus was one of the first batch of RMLs delivered to Finchley for the 104; at the time, Finchley also operated the 221 with Routemasters.  Here Arriva's Volvo VLW18 (already nearly 9 years old) represents the modern equivalent.  In the distance, an RF on the 240A adds period flavour.

Photo © Nick Street

RM1005 shows the later style of refurbished body with hopper windows.  The bus was the last RM in service on route 13, itself the third last regular Routemaster route in London.   It is seen in Mill Hill Broadway making its way to Edgware.

Photo © Mark Lyons

RM1033 was delivered new to Middle Row garage (X) for the 18, and what's more, it now carries the body from RM1030, likewise and pictured here in 1962.  The bus therefore spent its day on the 18, first working the fullest extent of the route from London Bridge to Aldenham, then operating the bifurcation to Wembley Empire Pool, from where it is returning ere in Edgware, en route to a well-deserved break at the RAF Museum.

Photo © Michael Callard

RM1069 arrived so recently repainted that the paint had not hardened sufficiently for the application of transfers.  It is seen in Pursley Road working the only Routemaster journey on the 221 that ran through to Wood Green.

Photo © Graham Walker

RM1348 was one of the last AEC-engined Routemasters in London service and is preserved in its Metroline livery - especially pleasing as it carries advertisements.  Most appropriately, it is making its way to Metroline's Edgware garage to lay over after arriving from North Finchley on the 221.

Photo © Jimmy Sheng

RM1397 is another bus with its original type of engine, but in this case a Leyland, one of the minority of London's Routemasters with engines supplied under the dual-source arrangement.  It is seen arriving from Hendon Central on route 113.

Photo © Andy Higgins

RM2097 caused some comment in various quarters.  The subject of a painstaking and extended restoration, and having regularly been shown as work progresses, the owner brought the bus up to passenger-carrying standards for this event, although the exterior finish is as yet uncompleted.  This is another AEC-engined bus.

Photo © Martin Ruthe

RML2735 was kindly provided by First Group, being a member of their Special Events fleet, and operated a joint schedule with RM1005, swapping routes during the afternoon.  Here it is seen opposite Mill Hill East Station heading for North Finchley on the 221. 

Photo © Geoff Ragg