Colindale Running Day

Buses in service - RT family


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RT8, following its rescue from the USA, has famously received one of the most comprehensive rebuilds of any preserved bus and was unveiled two months before our event.  We were privileged to run it on the 142 following its appearance on the X80 the previous day, one of the first public opportunities to sample the delights of its pre-war engineering.  Unfortnately, teething problems in the form of a split injector pipe put the bus temporarily out of action but it was back in service in the afternoon.  In time-honoured fashion, the driver informs following buses that they need to pass, not pull up behind.

Photo © Peter Zabek

RT1702 is well-known as the Festival of Britain bus (see its website) and worked up in service from Catford, on route 1 to Willesden then on the 292.  Here it is seen at Stirling Corner laying over on its short-working of the 292.

Photo © Stephen Gillett

RT2177 is another very thoroughly restored RT, and was the steed today for George Gamblin to operate over a route he last worked on 14 July 1978.  The time-honoured 140 slot at the entrance to Harrow Weald Garage sees an RT again.

Photo © Steve Bidey

RT2688 was a native to the 292 and made a happy return, working two full rounders from Colindale to Borehamwood Rossington Avenue.  Here the bus poses at the entrance to the museum.

Photo © David Fisher

RT3062 carries a Saunders body, as demonstrated by the set-back offside route number holder, and started work for the day with a rounder on the 140 garage journey to Harrow Weald via Christchurch Avenue, piloted in his inimitable style by Roger Wright.  Here Roger awaits the bell at the RAF Museum.

Photo © Ian Kirby

RT3871 from the London Bus Company was a late entant, kindly subbing for Cobham's RTL139 which blew a head gasket during the preceding week.  The 142 was famous for operating RT, RTL and RTW types simultaneously in the early 50s, but today the trio was formed by RT, RTW and 'pre-war' RT8, seen here behind RT3871 on the Stanmore Church stand.

Photo © Mike Davies

RTW75 from the London Bus Company is always a welcome performer at running days.  The organiser had the privilege of drivng the bus on a couple of rounders on the 142, but here the bus passes The Bald Faced Stag in Burnt Oak on the 18.

Photo © Richard Thomas