Colindale Running Day

Photo gallery - extras

Time travel.  Only the driver and the location are the same.  Above, George Gamblin
at Mill Hill East with RT2177, below with RT4779 in 1978.  The conductor has travelled
further in time, now carrying a bell-punch.
Photo © G Gamblin (above) and John Parkin (below)
RML900 sets off from Edgware on the 240 to Golders Green.  The 240 and 221
carried significant numbers of local people on these everyday routes.
Photo © Mark Lyons
RTs at large.  RT2177 lays over at Stirling Corner while RT4317 heads home (but
not on the 102).
Photo © Nigel Henty
These local young people would not recall the 240A, withdrawn in 1979.  RF486
lays over at Mill Hill Broadway.
Photo © Mike Davies