Colindale Running Day

Photo gallery - special buses

We make no apologies for featuring extra pictures of two specific buses -
RM140 and RT2688, neither of which are usually in service at running days.
A record of the London service of RT2688 is set out on the bus's website.
The 240 is a scenic route that heads through some plush suburbs on its way up
Hammers Lane to The Ridgeway.  RM140 passes Metroline's 9-year old Volvo VPL164.
Photo © Peter Larkham
The Three Hammers doesn't seem to get as high marks as RM140.
Photo © Peter Larkham
Heading down Mill Hill Broadway on its way to Edgware.
Photo © Jimmy Sheng
RM140 laying over in Edgware Garage, with BL49, a visitor to the 240.
Photo © Peter Larkham