Worcester Park Running Day 2008

Images of the 127


On its way from Worcester Park to Morden, and followed by RF28 on the 725, RLH48 recalled the days when green RLHs were loaned to the central area to cover vehicle shortages.

Photo © Will Watts


Is this Lower Morden?

As in the days before the RLHs, route 127 also needed help from time to time from single-deckers off route 200.  RF366 obliges on a duty from Morden to Malden via Worcester Park.

Photo © Terry Wong Min


St Helier Middleton Road

The conductor checks for stray passengers before "D130" sets off with a good load back from St Helier to Worcester Park.

Photo © Barry Turner


RLHs back at Merton

The 127 was the one Central Area RLH route that RLH23 didn't operate during its time with LT, having started life as a green bus before moving to Harrow Weald, Hornchurch and Dalston.  That deficiency has now been rectified.

Photo © Tony Albery


Ready to roll

Part of Merton's allocation for the 127 and 200.

Photo © Keith Valla