Worcester Park Running Day 2008

Route 213 and the single-deckers

Kingston coal yard

T31 in the traditional location at the back of Kingston Garage (but facing the opposite way)

Photo © Martin Parker


213 and 213

RF366 again, punching up a Sutton EVL at Worcester Park.

Photo © Steve Whitelegg


Bushey Road sees RFs again

As did the original route, the 213 ran between Sutton garage and Kingston.  RF406 approaches the former (and present day) terminus.

Photo © Rob Telford


Malden roundabout

TD95 again, this time Sutton bound at Malden.

Photo © John King


But the tractor was not in service on the 93

A long shot towards Morden at The Woodstock.  RF667 heads south while RM1033 heads for a break at Merton Garage.

Photo © Adrian Short


Looking for Kingston Bus Station

RF429 sports an early blind of the type used by the Ts and TDs.

Photo © Rob Telford