The future


London’s 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games are seeing huge changes in much of the area covered by Easter Sunday 2006’s operations.  More details on our Olympics page.
Before the Games decision, Stratford’s role as a major transport hub was already assured and reinforced.  Draw an imaginary east-west line across the middle of our route map from Mildmay Park to Stratford.  That is part of the 12 mile East London tunnel of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, driven up to 50 metres beneath our bus services, rising briefly to a brand new sub-surface Stratford International station, before burrowing back down to emerge at Dagenham.  See On Site Arts for images of the construction in 2007.
We were commemorating significant events in London bus history, but we hope you also took the opportunity to appreciate the unique feel of the area as it was and to anticipate what was to come.  You won’t find any English countryside sylvan glades for that oh-so-perfect photo, but some of us think it was beautiful for all that.  Come back after 2012 for the country look - there will be the largest urban park created in Europe for 150 years.
The buses operating on Easter Sunday 2006 were closer in vintage to the last time London hosted the Olympics in 1948 - the first Games to be televised.  Whether you’re looking back with nostalgia or forward to an exciting future, we hope you enjoyed your day.