Events - 2012


A pictorial summary of where we've been this year


East Grinstead, 15 April

Cobham Spring Gathering, 29 April

Route 38 anniversary (no RFs!), 17 June

Uxbridge, 24 June

Route 210 anniversary, 11 September

Amersham, 7 October

London Bus Museum, 21 October

Route 202 and 208 anniversary, 12 November

Route 200 and 213 anniversary, 2 December

Bromley - route 227 anniversary, 9 December


London Bus Museum

'Friends and family' enjoy the sight of three red RFs with four green cousins.


Route 38 anniversary

The 38 back home.  RTL139 lays over on the traditional Clapton Pond stand.  The pond had been

especially spruced up for the occasion!


Old and new at the Clapton roundabout stand.


LT4 ran early in order to keep up with the RTL.  A driver's eye view.  See also Tom Drake's view.


East Grinstead

The bridge between Tandridge and Crowhurst.

Photo © Ian Legg


Sunshine in Godstone.  RF486 has travelled the scenic route, via much

of the 494, whilst RML2323 has taken the main road.




All photos © Peter Osborn unless otherwise stated.