Colindale Running Day 29th August 2010

Report and Photo Gallery


Thanks are due to 23 owners who provided 27 buses for service from the RAF Museum at our Colindale Running Day.  Bank Holiday Sunday saw light traffic and generally dry weather (but with a cloudburst after lunch) which showed off the buses well to local travellers.  Many favourable comments were received and the public loved every minute of it.

This is what it was all about - putting real buses back in service on their home territory.  George Gamblin pilots RT2177 from Bittacy Rise into Pursley Road, Mill Hill, on the Mill Hill East working of the 140.
Photo © Graham Walker
This section of the site contains photos submitted by enthusiasts, photographers and local people and will (when complete) give a portrait of the buses that operated and the routes they ran.  Full details of the event (including local and bus route history) are on the event pages, which continue to be available.
Buses in service were:
- 9 RF single-deckers (from 1952/3) on the 240A and 251, plus one BL from the 1970s
- 5 RTs and one RTW (from 1948-54) on the 18, 140, 142 and 292
- 1 'pre-war' RT dating from 1940 on the 142
-10 Routemasters (from 1960-68) on the 18, 113, 221 and 240.
In addition, five static buses were on display.
The gallery comprises:
Sadly, a number of vehicles were unavailable, mostly for mechanical reasons.  Cobham's TD and RTL both became unfit in the days before the event; The London Bus Co stepped in to cover the RTL workings but the TD only became unfit on the afternoon before the day.  RT8 suffered a breakdown in service, but fortunately assistance from another owner and Ensign's back-up team had the problem fixed later on.  In addition, we lost 3 RFs, 2 RTs and 3 Routemasters from the planned line-up as they were unfit.  In particular, mechanical problems with a replacement bus meant that the 113 feeder from Edgware operated very late.
RF489 on the 240A is chased by the modern replacement for the route, the 221. The shot was taken at the time of the sharp shower in the early afternoon.
Photo © Richard Thomas
By the end of the afternoon, the sun was out, most visitors had left and many of the buses lined up at the RAF Museum.            Photo © Steve Whitelegg