1940s Worcester ParkWorcester Park 2008

Utility Daimler CWA6


Bus planned for operation: CCX777 (see below)

One of the first batch of lowbridge Daimlers, D5, seen in Worcester Park High Street when about four years old, just before its first overhaul.
Photo © Alan Cross
Route 127 survived the war years, after being double-decked in 1941, by using buses borrowed from the Country Area along with the unfrozen STLs built at Chiswick, but buses were always in short supply and single-deckers were regularly used.  When the Ministry of Supply permitted LT to purchase some Daimler chassis, although not their usual supplier, LT accepted as the height of the Duple lowbridge bodies enabled the buses to be used on the 127. 
Unlike the Guys, these buses had AEC 7.7 litre engines, pre-select gearboxes and fluid flywheel transmission, similar to the STLs and making them much easier to drive.
North Cheam, 1948The first batch, D1-6 from 1944, and the second batch, D128-131 from 1945, spent all their lives at Merton Garage and worked almost exclusively on the 127.  They were joined between 1944 and 1945 by the remining highbridge Daimlers with bodies by Duple and Brush, with the exception of the Green Line versions for Romford that were not transferred to Merton until 1950 and 1951.  
The lowbrideg buses were withdrawn in 1952 on the arrival of the RLHs, with the majority being shipped to Ceylon.
The 1945 batch of lowbridge Daimlers differed most obviously from the earlier buses by the lack of front ventilators, but also carried nearside blinds, unlike D1-6.  This is D130 in 1948, at North Cheam
Photo © Alan Cross
In service at the Quantock rally
None of the London batch survives, but we are pleased that a similar Duple-bodied CWA6 from 1945 will be running on the 127.  This is CCX777, delivered new as Huddersfield Joint Omnibus Committee no. 217, which passed in 1955 to West Bridgford UDC as no. 24.  The bus was withdrawn from service in 1967 and entered preservation.  It is operated today by Quantock Motor Services.
CCX777 was repainted for the 2007 season into PMT livery and is seen here in service at the Quantock Bus Rally in May 2007.  The similarity of the Duple body with the London batch of the same year is clear, although the original utility restriction on the number of opening windows has been retained.
Photo © Kevin Smith