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AEC Regent I - the pre-war standard London bus


Buses planned for operation: STL441, STL2377


Cobham Bus Museum's STL2377 arriving at Wallington during the Carshalton running day last year.  This is an example of the large late batch of 'roof-box' STLs and dates from 1937.
Photo © Peter Osborn
In 1929, the General adopted as its standard buses the 27ft six-wheeled AEC Renown (LT or long type), the 25ft four-wheeled AEC Regent (ST or short type) and the 26ft single deck AEC Regal (T) - all legal maximum lengths in the capital at that time.
In 1932 the overall length of four wheel double-deck buses was raised from 25 to 26 feet, and the gross weight from 9.5 to 10 tons. AEC produced a lengthened Regent chassis, 16ft 3in to replace the 15ft 6.5in version used on the LGOC ST class buses.

Loading at MordenThe new class - the Short Type Lengthened or STL - was built continuously by LGOC and London Transport  until the outbreak of war in 1939.  Most bodies were built at the Chiswick works, but a few were unsatisfactorily contracted to Park Royal.  The type operated until replaced by RTs in the early 1950s.


In our area, STLs were used on many routes from before the war until the early 1950s.  Many were replaced by utility Daimlers in 1945-6, allowing the STLs to replace older types around the fleet, but a small number of STLs were retained.


Thanks to Ian Smith for many details for the type histories.


'Leaning-back' STL251 dating from 1933 is working from Sutton on the 156 in October 1949, at a time when Sutton was nominally all-Daimler.  However, absence for overhaul meant that a small number of STLs also operated.

Photo © Alan Cross