Worcester Park Running Day 2008



A Lucy nation

D130 passes in front of RT113 at Worcester Park Station, with 'The Worcester' in the background.

Photo © Steve Whitelegg


On tour

The Harrington-bodied Regal sets off on tour with a full load while RT113 makes another trip to Morden on the 93.

Photo © John Lidstone


Woodstock view

Morden Road as it used to be?  RT190 leads an RF and an RTL towards Morden.

Photo © Ian Smith


Is this Lower Morden?

As in the days before the RLHs, route 127 needed help from single-deckers off route 200.

Photo © Terry Wong Min


How green is my Green Line?

Green Line RT3491 leads RLH48 through Worcester Park

Photo © Steve Whitelegg


Positioning journey

STL2377 is captured passing under the bridge at Worcester Park, on its way to take up service on the 156.

Photo © Les Savine


Red and green

The Daimler passes RT3148 running the 164, at Morden.

Photo © Peter Larkham


British craft tool

CCX777 shows its true identity at the Worcester Park stand.

Photo © Steve Whitelegg