Worcester Park Running Day 2008

Final selection


Thank you to all the photographers who have submitted photos for the site.  This final selection presents late entries and some that just had to be shown. 


Ready .....

John Lidstone's pair of pictures shows Roger Wright taking RT3871 on the 93 Express to Epsom.  First waiting for the conductor's signal, then they're off.  RLH48 follows to provide a stopping service as far as North Cheam.

Photos © John Lidstone

93 Express - enjoy the ride!


Home run

Former HR Richmond Bedford PPH698 heads out from South Street, Epsom, site of its former garage, with a good load for its excursion.

Photo © Mark Chessell


A journey through time

The Morden Station background to RLH61 runs from 'original' on the right through the later office block built over the Charles Holden station building to the modern. 

Photo © Graham Fife


Period adverts

RT2794 again, as it shuttles between the 164 and 118.  No time to change the canopy blind!

Photo © Graham Fife


Suburbia with a twist

T31 bemuses the modern traffic by the use of hand-signals as the bus pulls away from the Malden Fountain stop.

Photo © Graham Fife


Topless in North Cheam

Open-top RT3435 takes on another load at North Cheam.

Photo © Graham Fife


Starship Trooper

RT1702 ran on the 156 with relatively little attention from photographers.  Here at North Cheam it heads back to the garage.

Photo © Mark Chessell


No longer an everyday Sutton scene

STL2377 in aSutton claims to be travelling anticlockwise, but is doing the reverse.

Photo © Vaskor Basak


Bring me sunshine

RF28 soaks up the sun and the queue at Worcester Park.

Photo © Graham Fife