Route 234A RF anniversary

17 March 2013

Photo gallery - part 2

Page last updated 8 April 2013


Smart Leyland-engined RM1397 lays over on the original double-deck stand in Beddington Gardens, Wallington.

Photo © Daniel Sullivan


RT3251 loads at the Red Deer for its first run to Wallington.
Photo © John Parkin

RT3251 runs along Mitchley Avenue in the rain.

Photo © Zack Stiling


RF429 serves the Wallington High Street stop, with its gold pillar-box marking a local Olympic medal winner.  Ahem, that will be teas all round, then, Alan?

Photo © John Parkin


Arriva's PDL100 on non-RLH route 410 passes RF368 at Wallington Shotfield.

Photo © Michael Barbour



RF395 powers up the slope left from lowering the road to permit double-deck operation under the bridge at Wallington Station.

Photo © John Parkin


The fomer Thomas Tilling garage at Croydon, and some suitable buses, form the backdrop for RF395's departure, alledgedly on the 234B although timetabled for a positioning journey to Old Lodge Lane on the 234A.

Photo © John Parkin


Another picture at Croydon Garage - having worked in as a 234B, RF486 heads back out to Purley Old Lodge Lane.

Photo © Zack Stiling


55 years apart.  RF486 shares the Old Lodge Lane stand with Abellio's Caetano Dart 8492.

Photo © Martin Wills


Two arrivals at South Croydon Red Deer - RF429 on 234B and RF395 on a 234A garage journey.

Photo © Ian legg