Route 227 RF anniversary

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As part of the Bromley Running Day on 9 December 2012, organised by our friends at Country Bus Rallies, 60 years of RFs on the 227 were celebrated by running four RFs in service. The 227 is London's longest-running single-deck route, with 96 years service so far.  As always, thanks to the photographers for providing pictures.


RFs on the 227


RF429 departs the Crooked Billet stand in Penge.  As Ian Smith records, in RF days

there was always a mix of Crystal Palace and Penge buses on the 227; the Crooked

Billet stand has been in use since 1922. The Crystal Palace aerial marks the far


Photo © Geoff Ragg


The Shortlands rail bridge straddles a road junction, making lowering the road

impractical.  As a result, the 227 has remained single-deck operated.

Photo © Peter Larkham


Having negotiated the bridge, RF401 powers away up the hill towards Beckenham. 

The pedestrians have obviously noticed that the bus carries no rear wheel discs,

features that were removed in the early 1970s.

Photo © Peter Larkham


Bromley is not known to have run green RFs on the 227, but Sidcup did on the 228 and 241.  RF600 joined in the day running on both 227 and 228, and is a little more at home here at Chislehurst Common on the 228.  It is heading (a little mysteriously) to 'Eltham', meaning Eltham Well Hall Station.

Photo © Clive Burgess



The Red-RF app


A passenger uses the new Red-RF app and - just like

that - two RFs appear on service.

Photo © Peter Larkham


Driver and conductor use the app to produce a

photographer in the middle of the Pawleyne Arms

road junction in Penge.

Photo © Geoff Ragg




The 162 now features Metrobus Enviro 200s, as well as occasional RTs.  On the 227,

RF486 follows RF401 towards the stop at Beckenham Church.  With buses starting

from Penge, there was always the temptation to pull out behind a bus from Crystal

Palace, although the route was so busy that it made little difference to the loadings. 

Photo © Geoff Ragg


Rather like this - except RF486 is on meal relief, so not tempted to swing out behind

RF429.  The background is relatively little changed since the 1920s - see here 

(picture Beckenham History).

Photo © Peter Larkham


Since the last Bromley event, Stagecoach have commenced a new contract on the

227 and replaced the elderly Darts with new Citaros.  23103 at Crystal Palace

displays the route number in the ugly non-standard font used on the new buses.

Photo © Peter Osborn