Cannon Street, 1958Worcester Park 2008

Route 189

Not a core route of the area, but one where we feature a photo of tram drivers learning this RTL-operated tram-replacement route in 1951, so we will operate one rounder over the peak-hour extension.
Clapham's RTL862 at the Cannon Street terminus on 19 Aug 58, the last day of operation of the original route, alongside RT568 from New Cross on another tram-replacement route, the 182 to Eltham.      Photo © Alan Cross
Original route
CANNON STREET, Elephant & Castle, Clapham Common, SOUTH WIMBLEDON (M-F), extended to Morden, NORTH CHEAM (M-F rush hours).
A single journey is scheduled on the 189, from North Cheam to Merton Garage and back, to be operated by an RTL.  Timetable attached.

Main boarding points

North Cheam stop C, Morden Station stops B and H,  South Wimbledon stop SJ, Merton Garage.

Route history
Introduced on 8 Jan 51, bus route 189 replaced much of tram route 6 and was one of the routes that inaugurated Clapham Bus Garage, formerly Clapham Tram Depot, that morning.  It also replaced part of route 5A between South Wimbledon and North Cheam.  Worked by new RTLs on Mondays to Fridays only, the 189 ran only until 19 Aug 58, when along with the 127 it was one of the casualties of the busmen's strike.
Both 127 and 189 were in part replaced by the existing 189A, which had been the weekend counterpart of the 189, running only to Clapham Common.  It was extended to Raynes Park and (peak hours) Worcester Park, rather than North Cheam.  Three months later, the 189A was renumbered 189, operated with RTs from Merton Garage.
The Worcester Park journeys lasted until January 1971, and the following week the route converted to one-man operation, becoming one of the first four DMS routes in London.  After many further changes, the route was withdrawn in 1988.