RF operation on route 210

Saturday 9 July 2016

Page last updated 7 July 2016

On the 60th anniversary of the introduction of red RFs, 11 September 2012, RF486 works past the Spaniards on Hampstead Heath.
Photo ©  Richard Thomas
Route 210 between Golders Green and Finsbury Park has a special place in RF history, being the first route to see red RFs, from 11 September 1952.  The last time RFs operated on the route was on the anniversary, exactly 60 years later. 
To complement the open day at Metroline's Holloway (HT) Garage, route 210 will again see operation by RFs on Saturday 9 July 2016.  Holloway Garage (then called Highgate) operated RFs on the 210 for the last years of RF operation in 1970-71, alongside Muswell Hill (MH), the route's then traditional home.  The RFs will be joined by London Bus Museum's TD95, representing an earlier generation of buses on the 210.
Buses will run at least every half-hour between approximately 11.00am and 4.00pm - see the updated final timetable here.
Buses will operate a free service between Finsbury Park and Golders Green alongside the TfL service, serving all usual 210 stops.  A map and details of roads served are shown here.  Buses will not continue beyond Golders Green towards Brent Cross, and all journeys will call additionally at Holloway Garage at Archway.


A history of the route is here.



Six RFs are scheduled for service, including one green RF.

Photographers may find the following locations suitable for photographs, depending on time of day:
  • Jack Straw's Castle
  • The Spaniards
  • Highgate High Street and Highgate Hill
  • St Johns Way at Ashbrook Road, Archway
  • Stroud Green Road and The Stapleton
  • Lennox Road/Clifton Terrace, Finsbury Park
Please watch for traffic and stay safe.


Status of services

These services are provided free of charge.  The operations are not part of the London Buses network and Transport for London has no responsibility for them. Use of bus stops is by agreement with TfL on this basis. Drivers are required to comply with all instructions given by authorised officials of TfL and London Buses on the use of bus stops and bus stands. In the event of any difficulties affecting London bus services, be aware that drivers may be required immediately to vacate bus stops and stands.


The buses are elderly, are privately owned and are operated and maintained at their owners' expense. Please respect this and do not bring food or drink onto buses.  All services run and carry passengers subject to the discretion of crews and passengers travel at their own risk.  Please take care when entering and leaving vehicles.