In service at Cobham's Longcross event 2007

Carshalton 2007

The DM

London Transport Daimler Fleetline 

Withdrawn from Sutton in 1992, the last production bus DM2646 has been refitted with a Leyland engine (having been re-engined with an Iveco by London General) and has been painted by Ensignbus into Shillibeer livery.  It ran in service on 1 April 2007 at the Cobham Bus Museum Longross event.
 Photo © Mark Youdan
We are pleased to confirm two late entrants to the running day, a standard DM and a B20.  The latter, DM2646 was one of the last in service at Sutton Garage in 1992.

I am not qualified to give a history of the Fleetlines - please refer to Ian Smith's excellent site.