Carshalton 2007

Trolleybus drawings available


Thank you to Terry Russell for the use of his wonderful pictures of trolleybuses at CN.


Terry offers London trolleybus drawings:


TB03 London Transport class A1 D/D 3 axle "Diddler" AEC/UCC 1931 No 1-60
TB01 London Transport class B1 D/D 3 axle "Short" AEC/Brush 1935 No 64-93
TB13 London Transport class C1 D/D 3 axle AEC/MCW 1935 No 132-183
TB44 London Transport class C2 D/D 3 axle AEC/MCW 1936 No 184-232
TB02 London Transport class N2 D/D 3 axle AEC/Park Royal No 1645-1649
TB10 London Transport class Q1 D/D 3 axle BUT/MCW No 1765-1891
TB48 London Transport class Sa1/2 D/D 3 axle Leyland/MCW 1941 No 1722-1746
TB56 London Transport class X1 D/D 3 axle centre entrance AEC/LGOC 1933 No 61
TB55 London Transport Class X3 D/D 2 axle AEC/English Electric 1934 No 63
TB70 London Transport overhead line trolley head type Aa2 half size 0 gauge price
TB75 London Transport overhead line repair tower wagon AEC Mercury 1936
TB56 London United D/D 3 axle centre entrance AEC/LGOC 1933 No 61
Price per sheet:
'OO' or 'O' gauge £4:00
Gauge 1 £8.00

For larger scales please email him for a quote or visit his website at