Events - 2010


A pictorial summary of where we've been this year


Cobham Open Day, 11 April

East Grinstead Running Day, 25 April

Southdown running day, Horsham, 9 May

Hertford Running Day, 6 June

Alton, 18 July

Colindale Running Day, 29 August

Leatherhead Running Day, 5 September

Old Kent Road, 6 September

Amersham, 3 October

Willesden Garage open day, 9 October

Bluebell Railway Giants of Steam, 24 October

Bluebell Railway Vintage Bus Day, 21 November

Christmas Lights Tour, 11 December   

Bromley Running Day, 12 December


Christmas Lights Tour

Oxford Street as seen fom the cab of the RF, RT3228 following.


Bluebell Railway

On Vintage Bus Day, RF486 ran in LT territory, over routes 434 and 473.  RFs were

standard fare on minor country routes. 

Crawley was quiet at lunchtime.


Rather a grey day, but good load from Kingscote to East Grinstead.

Photo © Jimmy Comfort


Later, John Parkin captured a line-up including the Brockham Scout bus, Lodekka

OCY955, originally with United Welsh.  The tree damage is down to Thames Valley,

not the Scouts - see a 1970's shot here (4th item). 

Photo © John Parkin



An event for RTs, not RFs, but former STL169, now breakdown tender 738J, was

the star of the show.

Photo © Peter Zabek



Home territory for RF486.  Country Bus Rallies' Leatherhead Running Day included

operation on Central route 71, still a current route as far as Chessington Zoo and

packed with shoppers on a Sunday.  486 poses next to SP53, a modern incumbent.

Photo © Steve Whitelegg



A trip to the country.  Not the Hampton Court 206, but the Aldershot & District route.

RF486 is pictured at the uber-rural terminus at Blacknest.


Southdown Horsham

An English spring, with Southdown Beadle-bodied Leyland PD2/12 RUF186. 
Just for once, RF486 stayed on static display.
And in Steyning, Marshall-bodied Leyland Leopard 122 takes a rest.
All photos © Peter Osborn unless otherwise stated.